The genesis of this centre is the ambition to create a holistic resource basin on the subject of cement and concrete. It stems from Ambuja Cement’s belief in the continuous evolution of AEC industry, which enables it to offer its professionals various platforms of information, interaction and inspiration.
The endevour of ‘Foundations – An Ambuja Knowledge Initiative’ encompasses multilevel of innovative and experiential formats for activities that interact with the AEC Community about the Cement Industry. Largely it spans into two main branches, Experience the world of Cement & Concrete through the Ambuja Knowledge Centre and secondly, about the world of cement & concrete through – National Learning & Training Initiatives. A trailblazing spirit from one of the largest Cement Producers of India, ‘Foundations –An Ambuja Knowledge Initiative’ is shaped to be one of the most innovative and exhaustive programs for learning about and experiencing Cement like never before for AEC Community - an attempt to translate the designs of their imagination into Concrete Reality.
It aims to set up a precedent to work as partners of the AEC Community by helping them expand their knowledge base about the industry of cement through a series and cross section of interactive programs. Scope of Foundations – Ambuja Knowledge Initiative, includes learning about the world of cement and concrete through national learning and training initiatives. It includes exhibitions, workshops, lectures, awards, informative lectures, awards and felicitations, interactive training sessions, and competitions. A national learning initiative like this will encompass multiple touch points of participations, which will result in manifestations of a new level of inspiration, comprehensions and communication about cement industry.

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