Rajkot AKC Event Details From April to June 2012

Sr. No. Event Topic Scheduled Dates Duration Learning Objectives
From To
1 "Advance Concrete Mix Design - (ACMD)" "Workshop on Concrete Mix Design (refer note no.1 for registration fees)" 29-May-12 30-May-12 "2 Days (10.00 am- 5.30pm)" "To appreciate high grade High performance concrete and Self Compacting Concrete in terms of materials, mix proportioning, producing and handling."
2 Lecture of the Month "Detailing of RCC structures by Prof.R.J.Shah" 24-Apr-12 6.30 pm "To update knowledge on current & future construction trends through listening to the concrete experts and getting your doubts cleared by asking questions to them. (It is the most suitable for project engineers, QA/QC engineers, engineers working in Ready Mix Concrete Plants, Design Offices and Project Management Consultantcy Firms etc.)"
"High performance concrete for Highrise Structures by Sh.C.M.Dordi" 23-May-12
YTD 19-Jun-12
3 Student Visit AKC - Visit 8-Jun-12 6.30 pm "To watch video film (duration about 40 mins) about complete construction aspects of the large projects and discuss important engineering aspets of the project."
4 Appraising Large Projects Petronas Towers 4-Apr-12 6.30 pm
Millau via Duct 29-Jun-11


1. Registration fees of Rs. 2000/- per participant for the workshops on ACDM
2. All the full day events will include lunch & two tea breaks. (The cost included in registration fees)
3. All the evening events will be followed by high-tea (The events are free of registration charges)
4. Please register for the event well-in-advance for helping us in ensuring better arrangements as well as for avoiding disappointment because of No Room
5. For Registration call us on 91-97129 25251 OR e-mail us at suketu.raut@ambujacement.com OR visit us at www.foundationsakc.com


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