Ambuja Knowledge Centre

AKC takes its values from its parent company and with its ‘I CAN’ spirit aims at bringing prosperity to people, wherever they are or in whatever they do. Keeping in par with their philosophy, Ambuja presents ‘Foundations’ – a knowledge initiative, for all architecture, engineering and construction fraternities.

Ambuja Knowledge Centre aspires create a holistic resource basin on the subject of cement and concrete. It stems from Ambuja’s belief in the continuous evolution of architecture, engineering and construction industries, thereby offering its professionals various platforms of information, inspiration and interaction. Its interactive resource will also aim to function as an experience centre that promotes and offers solutions for cement and concrete applications. It’s another way of giving it back to the community and, in the process enriching it.

The above presentation presents our mission and vision in a nutshell. But we do acknowledge the fact, that we have a long way to go…!