Solberg Tower & Rest Area

Tucked away in South Norway, Sarpsborg is a green, flat and calm stopover for travellers on the route to and from Sweden. In 2004, the Norwegian Highway Department together with the Regional Government approached Saunders for a new project in t ... Read More>>

Software & Biotechnology Plant - Coll-Barreu Arquitectos

The Technology Park is a center of high technology industries turns 25 in 2010. For guidelines last phase of industrial growth decided to build two new buildings for research and production, respectively, computing and biotechnology. Both of th ... Read More>>

Qumram Winery - Sandra Hernández, Álvaro Solís

Located in the Duero river Valley AONB, a region known for years for producing wine and livestock, the structure appears as if it were a prolongation of the landscape. Designed with an aim to minimize visual impact and integrate the w ... Read More>>

Navarro Correas Winery


The wine industry generates admiration. On the one hand the process is conceptually simple with centuries of tradition, but today it reaches amazing levels of sophistication by paying attention to even the smallest details. On ... Read More>>

Argos, Building for an Electrical Generator at a Cement Factory


In July 2006, the project was the winner of an architectural contest, for the resolution of a “skin” for a technical building containing an self generation electrical plant for cement factory. The Factory wanted to ... Read More>>

Cox Communications Distribution Center


The site is a light industrial office park of conventional box buildings primarily from the 1960s and 1970s located in Topeka, Kansas.  Cox Communications Distribution Center is the first building within th ... Read More>>

The Headquarters of BMW

The headquarters of German car manufacturer, BMW, in Munich is located close to the Olympic Park, A new building for BMW is come up between the already existing BMW buildings and the Olympic Park. This structure serves as an entertainment and conf ... Read More>>

Helios House

Located at the intersection of the bustling Robertson and Olympic boulevards, Los Angeles, Helios House is BP's first gas station to be LEED-certified in the United States. Functioning as BP's first solar-powered gas station, Helios House is full ... Read More>>