Dessau Bauhaus - Walter Gropius

As Walter Gropius wrote in the Bauhaus manifesto in 1919, ‘The ultimate aim of the visual arts is the building! Their noblest function was once the decoration of buildings. Today they exist in isolation, from which they can be rescued onl ... Read More>>

Marina City - Bertrand Goldberg

Along the eastern branch of the Chicago River lies one of the most formally interesting skyscrapers in all of Chicago, Marina City by Bertrand Goldberg.  Completed in 1964, Marina City, at the time, was ... Read More>>



After World War II, post-war Europe was suffering from a lack of housing with many displaced people from the extensive bombing raids.  In response to the housing crisis in Europe, Le Corbusier began delving into ... Read More>>

The Colonnade Condominiums


Initially intending to design a housing structure as a set of prefabricated units hoisted onto a structural frame, the ideas and visual intricacies of Paul Rudolph‘s Colonnade Condominiumswere developments of t ... Read More>>

Nakagin Capsule Tower


Architect Kisho Kurokawa was very innovative in his creation of the Nakagin Capsule Tower in 1972, which was the first capsule architecture design. The module was created with the intention of housing trave ... Read More>>

‘Aranya’— Quality Housing at Affordable Prices

Situated 6 km from Indore, Madhya Pradesh is a housing project for the middle and lower income groups of Indian population. Designed by architect B. V. Doshi of Vastu-Shilp Foundation, ‘Aranya’, was awarded the Aga Khan Award for Archi ... Read More>>

Sociopolis: City of the Future

Promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana, the objective of the new model neighbourhood is to provide accessible housing in terms with the modern habitable environments that reflect the social reality of the time. The construction responds to the nee ... Read More>>

Good earth homes - Hamlet

Good Earth’s first venture — Good Earth Hamlet, is an attempt at community housing bridging the existing gap between independent houses and the urban stereotype block of flats. Emphasis has been on community spaces to encourage interac ... Read More>>

Artist Village- Charles Correa

The 55 hectare ‘Artist Village’ brings an interesting mix of Goan atmosphere and culture to Belapur. Designed by Indian architect Charles Correa, the project is a testimony to the capabilities of a genius urban designer when he thinks ... Read More>>

Habitat 67

The ‘Habitat 67’ housing complex has been classified as modern heritage — a historic monument. Located in Canada, the housing complex was created by Moshe Safdie as his master thesis at McGill University and built as part of Expo ... Read More>>