London's Contemporary Architecture: An Explorer's Guide by Kenneth Allinson

Architectural Press, 2009
Paperback, 384 pages

My last visit to London occurred during the much ballyhooed Millennium celebrations, a mixture of fireworks in the Thames River and high-profile architecture along the same. In the press both were a disappointment, be it poor pyrotechnics or excessive lottery spending on projects still under construction when the calendar clicked over to 2000. My experience involved days out walking and riding the Tube, checking out the latest architecture, from the Millennium Dome and Jubilee Line extension built for the occassion to buildings by Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Will Alsop and others. My agenda was compiled from guidebooks, web pages (few at the time) and magazines, though unknown to me was Kenneth Allinson's guide to contemporary architecture, then in its first edition. A second edition came out later that year and three updates have followed since, roughly every three years. Last year's fifth edition collects more than 400 buildings built in London in the last decade. The fine book would have been an all-in-one guide for my needs ten years ago.