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The Blog will be a forum for anybody who is interested in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. It will have impending information, articles, suggestions and news on cement, concrete and other building materials.

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Who We Are: An endeavour from one of the largest cement producers of India, ‘Foundations-an Ambuja knowledge initiative’ is shaped to be one of the most innovative and exhaustive programs for learning about and experienceing cement like never before for the AEC community- an attempt to translate the designs of their imagination into concrete reality!

What Do We Do: We create a dynamic platform of information and interaction for AEC professionals. We help you learn mre about the world of cement and concrete through the National Learning and training initiatives:

  • Informative literature
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  • Competitions
  • Interactive training
  • Exhibitions
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Why are We Here: Foundations is an Ambuja Cements endeavour to craft a more interactive and restructured network within the AEC industry to provide extensive information that is insight. This venture of Foundations will encompass multiple levels of innovative and experimental formats for activities that will inform, activate and interact with and inspire the AEC community about the industry of cement.

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Latest Post

Scooped out of a plot of farmland twenty minutes outside Ahmedabad city, this house has been built for an aquarium shop owner to function as a place to breed fish as well as to serve as a weekend retreat. Its design is centred around four fish breeding tanks and an observation room which could double up as a living room.


Concrete Tips

Cement vs. Concrete

Although the two words concrete and cement are used interchangeably, cement is actually one of the ingredients in concrete. It's the fine gray powder that, in combination with water, binds sand and gravel or crushed stone into the rocklike mass known as concrete. Therefore, even though cement constitutes only 10% to 15% by weight of concrete's total mass, cement is the essential binding agent in concrete.

News in Concrete World

Tekla’s software solution for cast-in-place concrete

Tekla’s software solution for cast-in-place concrete was selected as the Most Innovative Product (MIP) 2010 at World of Concrete, North-America’s commercial construction industry's largest annual event.


Concrete Thought of the Month

It is my great pleasure to address the professionals through our website on various aspects on cement, concrete materials and on concrete as a finished product.  Before I delve into the various features, I thought it would be best to cover my favorite subject of Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) of concrete works.

Cyrus Minocher  Dordi, is the Corporate Head for Product Quality Management and Customer Support Group, Ambuja Cement Ltd. The journey from General Manager to Customer Support Group Head has indeed been a long and enriching journey, starting 1994.

Alumni from IIT, Bombay he has had technical affiliations from Institution of Engineers, Indian Geotechnical Society, Indian Concrete Institute, American Concrete Institute, (Maharashtra & USA), Indian Roads Congress and Indian Society of Structural Engineers. He has been associated with Quality Control and Quality Assurance of prestigious projects in India and abroad. His contributions were felicitated with Award for Excellence (2006) towards Special Contribution to Real Estate Industry by Accommodation Times on 30th March 2007 and ICI – Fosroc Award for the Outstanding Concrete Technologist for the year 2006-07 presented by The Indian Concrete Institute on 23rd September 2007.

He has organised 670 Ambuja workshops and other workshops for training nearly 16495 Engineers / Architects in Concrete Mix Design and various other subjects. With 141 technical publications for Ambuja Cements Ltd., on concrete and allied subjects, 107 technical papers in National / International Conferences / Seminars and 797 public lectures in India and abroad makes him the most ideal guidance mentor with Ambuja.