Fagus Factory

The Fagus Factory (German: Fagus Fabrik or Fagus Werk) is a shoe last factory in Alfeld on the Leine in Germany, an important example of early modern architecture. Commissioned by owner Carl Benscheidt, the factory was des ... Read More>>

Gropius House

The Gropius House was the family residence of architect Walter Gropius at 68 Baker Bridge Road, Lincoln, Massachusetts. It is now owned by Historic New Englandand is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday (June 1 ... Read More>>

Harvard Graduate Center

The Harvard Graduate Center, also known as Harkness Commons, was commissioned of The Architects Collaborative by Harvard University in 1948. The first modern building on the campus, it was also the first endorsement o ... Read More>>

Wayland High School

Wayland High School is a secondary school located at 264 Old Connecticut Path in Wayland, Massachusetts. The style of the high school was inspired by college campuses: there are 8 separate buildings, each dedicated to one or more general ... Read More>>

Pan Am Building

Now known as the MetLife Building, the Pan Am Building, is a skyscraper located at 200 Park Avenue in New York City. The Pan Am Building was the largest commercial office building in the world when it opened ... Read More>>