Halcrow is one of UK's leading consultancies, with a pedigree stretching back to 1868. The company's founder, Thomas Meik, worked extensively on port, maritime and railway projects in northern England and Scotland. During the first half of the 20th century, William Halcrow (later Sir William) established the firm as a pioneering force in other areas, notably tunnelling. Halcrow's first commissions outside the UK were undertaken in the 1890s. Halcrow specialises in the provision of planning, design and management services for infrastructure development worldwide. With interests in transportation, water, maritime and property, the company is undertaking commissions in over 70 countries from a network of more than 90 offices. The most recent change was in 1997, when the various Halcrow businesses and departments became Halcrow Group Limited. Transportation, water and power, maritime and property are their specialisation sectors.

Their Inspiration:
Internal infrastructure enables them to develop project teams to precisely match the needs of clients. With an integrated approach, they are able to draw from the pool of skill and experience of the whole company and benefit from the flow of knowledge and people around the business.

Their Projects:
Abu Dhabi Golf Club
 Boscastle, Flood Defence Scheme, Cornwall, UK
 Braila, Upgrading wastewater services, Romania
 Broadland Environmental Services Ltd, (BESL), UK 
 Busan Geoje Fixed Link, Korea
 Business Bay, Dubai
 Clyde Arc Bridge, Glasgow, UK 
 Diftah to Shis road and tunnel, Sharjah, UAE
 Dubai International Finance Centre
 Dubai Marina
 El Ferdan Swingbridge, Egypt
 Engineering divers
 ISIS - river modelling software
 Kalba road, Sharjah, UAE
 Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow
 Kenya bio-latrine, Halcrow Foundation project 
 Kindersley Centre, Lambourn, UK
 Lusail Development, Qatar
 La Farfana, sewage treatment works, Chile
 M60 motorway widening, Manchester, UK
 Open University, Michael Young building, UK
 Performance Audit group (PAG) Scotland
 Palmer Street Drainage Tunnel, Melbourne Australia
 Panama ports - Port of Balboa
 Photovoltaics, UK
 Putra Light Railway Transit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
 Scotland overview / careers 
 Sharjah - an overview of Halcrow's work in Sharjah
 Ajna - structural engineer - Qatar
 Andrea - Lusail development - Qatar
 Alan - water - UK 
 Ben - summer placement, UK 
 David - highways manager - Sharjah
 Dorin - architect - Qatar
 Doug - engineer diver - USA 
 Felix - tunnels - UK 
 Glynn - wastewater - Sharjah
 Indira - HEP - India 
Shailendra - bridges - India 
 Suseelan Abu - highways - Sharjah
 Thomas - bridges - UK 
 Tom - transportation - USA 
 TECOM (Internet City) Dubai
 Tidal defences - The Thames Barrier and Associated Gates, UK
 Transport development in the Middle East
 Waterways Renaissance Awards - April 09
 Yas Island, Abu Dhabi (May 2009)