The HNTB Corporation opened its doors in 1914 with a focus on moveable bridge designs. Originally known as Harrington, Howard & Ash, it changed its name to Howard, Needles, Tammen & Bergendoff in 1941 and shortened that to HNTB Corp. in 1993. Founded in 1914 as a railroad bridge design firm, HNTB has developed a reputation for excellence and innovation in the infrastructure industry. In their earliest days, HNTB designed the first modern turnpike and a significant portion of the Interstate Highway System. Through the decades, HNTB has grown and diversified in both, markets and services provided to clients. Today, HNTB strives to exceed client expectations in the delivery of infrastructure in the markets of transportation, buildings and federal. HNTB provides a range of services beyond civil engineering, architecture, planning and construction management. HNTB has remained true to the tenets of the firm for almost a century: acting with integrity and technical excellence always. HNTB’s long history with bridges has given its engineers the culture and experience to design for a wide variety of applications and challenges. That work has only begun, its executives say, with more exciting designs and new materials on the horizon.

His Philosophy:
Following pointers form the doctrine of their work philosophy:

  • Take personal responsibility for making success happen
  • Expect more of yourself in everything you do
  • Uncover what is really important in any situation
  • Collaborate for the benefit of everyone
  • Build relationships

Integrity, technical excellence, respect for others, continual development of all employees and commitment to profession are the basis of their work culture.

His Inspiration:
Right material choice has always been an avid resource for inspiration at HNTB. They are one of the few practices that routinely design short and long span bridges using a variety of materials. There are circumstances where several material options are viable, but in many cases, there is a clear preference that such flexibility ensures clients can achieve whatever specific criteria they require. Right from the start, HNTB has had a culture of delivering technical excellence regardless of how that takes shape. Their culture has always been to avoid forcing a bridge design to create an award winning structure even when the challenges or demands call for it. They tailor their designs to fit the customer’s needs. If one of those needs is a signature bridge, then they promise to deliver that while also meeting other program needs.

List of projects:
Zakim-Bunker Hill Bridge
Perry Street Bridge