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Kolkata AKC Event Details - 2011
Scheduled Dates
Learning Objectives
Concrete Mix Design (Basic) - (CMD) Workshop on Concrete Mix Design  07th Feb'11 07th Feb'11 1 Day (10.30am- 5.30pm) To learn about basic materials for concrete & its properties, to undestand principles & methods of concrete mix design, to carry out step by step mix design calculations, to conduct laboratory trial of the concrete mix, to make observations & apply corrections for the mix prepared and to understand correct steps of producing & handling, for concretes up to Grade M40.   
28th Feb'11 28th Feb'11
18th Mar'11 18th Mar'11
31st Mar'11 31st Mar'11
20th May'11 20th May'11
22nd Jul'11 22nd Jul'11
Safety Workshop Workshop on safety tips required at project sites. 25th Mar'11 25th Mar'11 1 Day (4.00 pm - 5.30pm) To know & follow the required safety measures at sites.
Durability Aspects of Concrete  Workshop on durability aspects of concrete.  15th Jun'11 15th Jun'11  1 Day (10.30am- 5.30pm) To understand concept of durability and materials for the same, to learn about current & advanced techniques employed for achieving durability, to appreciate importance of minimizing cracks and to study concreting in extreme weathers.
Lecture of the month

Performance enhancer grinding aids with lab trials.

(Speaker: Mr Arun Sinha)

8th April'11 1.5 Hrs (Evening)

To update knowledge on latest developments in construction field.

(Most suitable for project engineers, QA/QC engineers e.t.c)

Proper construction practices.

(Speaker: Er. Sanjay Singh)

29th April'11
YTBD  18th May'11
YTBD  8th Jun'11
YTBD  14th Sep'11
YTBD  1st Dec'11
Video Show of Large Projects Channel Tunnel (Euro Tunnel)  15th Mar'11 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm  To watch video film (duration about 40 mins) about complete construction aspects of the large projects and discuss important engineering aspets of the project.
Petronas Towers - Kulala Lumpur 22nd Mar'11
Millau Viaduct - France 21st Apr'11
Dubai's Dream Palace  27th May'11
How Its built  17th June'11
Events to be repeated  
Channel Tunnel (Euro Tunnel)  15th July'11
Petronas Towers - Kulala Lumpur 29th July'11
Millau Viaduct - France 16th Aug'11
Dubai's Dream Palace  9-Sep-11
How Its built  14-Oct-11
Petronas Towers - Kulala Lumpur 25-Nov-11
Dubai's Dream Palace  20-Dec-11

1. All the full day events will include lunch & two tea breaks. (The cost included in registration fees.)
2. All the evening events will be followed by high-tea (The events are free of registration charges.)

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