Jaipur AKC Events

Jaipur AKC Event Details - Feb to April'11 
Scheduled Dates
Learning Objectives
Advanced Concrete Mix Workshop on advanced concrete mix.  20/4/2011 21/4/2011  2 Days (10 am - 5 pm) Materials for high performance concrete, mix design steps.
Design Workshop (ACMD) Design materials, calculations, etc.     Both Days Formwork, self compacting & innovative concrete. 
Concrete Mix Designs  Mix design steps, materials, admixtures 15/2/2011 16/2/2011 Two days as per above timing. Basics of concrete mix designs, calculation steps, science of concrete, concrete - believe it or not etc.

Evening concrete mix designs workshops.  As above  21/02/11 24/02/11 4 days in evening (4pm to 6pm) Above topics covered in four days in evening.
Workshop on Self Compacting Concrete Details on SCC & Mix Design steps.
-- Introduction to SCC, mix designs, trials & demos.

Interactive Video Programmes Euro Tunnel 7/3/2011   1.5 hrs in evening A video presentation followed by a quiz on the subject.
Interactive Video Programs Millau Bridge 16/03/11   1.5 hrs in evening Do
Ambuja Lecture Series Sh C. M. Dordi 25/02/11   1.5 hrs in evening High Performance Concrete - A need of the hour.
Durability & wonders of concrete Sh Yogesh Barot 7/4/2011   1.5 hrs in evening Durability aspects of world record breaking Strs.
Mechanisation of concreting Sh Sanjeev Sharma 4/4/2011   1.5 hrs in evening An overview of mechanisation of concrete works
Cementing Future Sh Prakash Sharma 8/3/2011   1.5 Hrs in evening Basics of cement & concrete.


Registration fees for ACMD : Rs 1000/-
Registration fees for SCC : Rs 500/-
Contact Person : Sh Prakash Sharma ( Ph: +91 9929626726 )
Address of AKC : 2nd Floor 393 / Sh Gopalnagar, Gopalpura Bypass Road, Jaipur - 302015.




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