Cochin AKC Event July to September 2011

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Cochin AKC Event Details From July to September - 2011
Event Topic Scheduled Dates Duration Learning Objectives
From To
Technical Workshops Workshop on Concrete Mix Desig.(Basic) - CMD   2 Days (9.30am- 6.30pm) To learn about basic materials for concrete & its properties, to undestand principles & methods of concrete mix design, to carry out step by step mix design calculations, to conduct laboratory trial of the concrete mix, to make observations & apply corrections for the mix prepared and to understand correct steps of producing & handling for concretes up to Grade M40   
21-Sep-11 22-Sep-11
Lecture of the month  'Concrete- Past, Present and Future'(Speaker Er. Shyju Nair) 15-Jul-11 1.5 Hrs (6.30pm-8.00pm) To update knowledge on current & future construction trends through listening to the concrete experts and getting your doubt cleared by asking questions to them.(It is most suitable for Project engineers,QA/QC engineers,engineers working in Ready Mix Concrete Plants,Design officials and Project Management Consultancy Firms etc)
 'Create and Conquer the Concrete'   (Speaker Er.Shyju nair) 10-Aug-11
 'Concrete Revolution- 7000 BC to 2011 AD'(Speaker Er.Umesh Soni) 25-Aug-11
Appraising Large Projects     1.5 Hrs (evening) To watch video film (duration about 40 mins) about complete construction aspects of the large projects and discuss important engineering aspets of the project
Dubai's Dream Palace  29-Jul-11
Millau Viaduct - France 29-Sep-11

1. Registration fees of Rs. 1000/- per participant for the workshops on CMD (Basic)
2. All the full day events will include lunch & two tea breaks. (The cost included in registration fees)
3. All the evening events will be followed by high-tea (The events are free of registration charges)
4. Please register for the event well-in-advance for helping us in ensuring better arrangements as well as for avoiding disappointment because of No Room.
5. For Registration call us on +91-9544997070/ 9995661010/9895244440 OR e-mail us at OR visit us at


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